Alex Grams

Creates fantastic bowls and cutting-boards, mostly reclaimed from downed trees

Carmen Sorenson

Is a lifelong student, and her jewelry reflects her wide array of training and skills

Deb Marshall

Builds jewelry that can be changed with your mood

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Kimberlynn Crane

Builds jewelry using Sterling Silver wire, beads and unusual stones

Steve Meyer

is an artist who works in wood, creating many fantastic shapes

unique and unusual

Lisa Boorse

Works in an ancient and labor-intensive art form called Encaustic

Paul Smith

Inherited a sizable quantity of Anasazi/Pueblo pottery shards recovered by farmers plowing their fields. And, has found an excellent way to preserve and enjoy them

Kevin Gagnon

Meticulously fabricates personal boxes, each with a secret

Margaret Laughlin

Uses wire and stone to weave original jewelry

Larry and Chris Sewell

Use primarily "steam punk" and  "Tree of Life" themes in their jewelry

Penny Brockie and Kris Kistner

use silver, and occasionally copper, in multiple forms to hand-fabricate settings to enhance high-quality stones.