unique and unusual

Diane Brown

Uses Water-Colors to create paintings of intense subtlety

James Wells

Has demonstrated a passion for painting throughout most of his long life 

Teresa Sanchez

Creates hand-thrown pottery in a wide variety of styles and even teaches this skill

Marvin Glasgow

Recreates Native American art-forms in clay, obsidian, and flint

Janet Robb Humphreys

Paints original art using traditional oil-paints on canvas

Pavel Melecky

Is a classically-trained oil-painter, with particular talent in the field of portraiture

Joseph Ray Cudmore Jr.

Uses Acrylics to create bright and bold colors in his paintings

Steve Bennett

Uses Sterling Silver and Gold-Filled wire to accent gemstones for unusual handmade jewelry

Glenn Phipps

Works primarily in Steel to create exotic sculptures and furniture

Chuck and Linda McRae

Create jewelry one-at-a-time primarily using the ancient techniques associated with Chain Maille

Doug Kindred

Uses glass to emphasize prints of famous persons in his "Shattered Lives" series 

William and Allyson Proctor

Use Natural stone and Lab-Created materials to combine made-by-hand with affordability

Felipe Sanchez

Forms detailed sculptures in
wax, which are then cast in bronze

Charles 'Eli' Arnold

Forms original 3-dimensional art using copper, brass and other metals

Jack and Beth Spinks

Are skilled in jewelry techniques from 'Viking Weave' wire to Filigree and exotic forms of metal casting 

"Dr. Suz" Margolis

Creates 'stained glass' art in a variety of patterns

Here at Crystal Moon Gallery, we are repeatedly impressed with the caliber of work offered by our Artists and Artisans.  Many of these people have decades of training and practice behind their offerings.  Please click on a name to see some of that artist's work.